• Student loan repayments and more!

    "I'm passionate about paying off my student loans."

    The majority of people who have student loans are concerned about how they are going to pay them off.

    This week on Honest HR, Callie talks to Crystal Frey, SHRM-SCP about how organizations are supporting their employees' education. "You can't have a one-size fits all approach in multi-generational workplaces." Crystal shares her organization's two-prong approach to supporting education. "We understood our strategic plan for growth. We looked at our vision, we knew we were going to be growing. Benefits are a culture-building tool that affects turnover. They have to be viewed holistically, and there has to be a return on investment."

    Listen in, as we dive into student loan repayment and tuition reimbursement—learn they are different; and how to get the all-important leadership buy in.

    Check out this week's episode. »

    And afterwards learn more about the SHRM-Backed bill discussed on this week's episode that would give a tax break for student load repayment aid. » 

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  • The 2nd season of #HonestHR has landed!

    Entry Level to Next Level: Bouncing Back from Feedback and Failure and Knowing Your Worth feat. Sam Arpino, M.S.

    Callie talks to Sam about NOT bringing your whole self to work (gasp!), creating environments for people to raise their hands and be curious and taking full-on ownership of your own growth opportunities. 

    Tune in and stick around to hear Sam's four important tips for taking the next step in your career. This episode is built to inspire and empower you to make that jump you've been considering. Come ready to listen leave ready to make moves in your career.

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