July 24 - Ambidexterity: How Is It Tied To Effective Sourcing & Talent Pipeline Development (Web)


JULY 24, 2019
2:00-3:00 p.m.
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Today's economy has placed increasing demand on companies to be both efficient and innovative. Yet, how can companies manage both successfully and especially in the talent and innovation driven economy? Moreover, how might companies retain investments in historical practices that may still work but require incremental refinement? In strategy, managing for this duality requires attention to two general paradigms to capture value - called "ambidexterity". On the one hand, companies need to look to their past competencies as a basis of stability and compliance. On the other hand, they need to build for innovative and resourceful employees and leaders to execute change and tap newer markets. This course will introduce what ambidexterity is, how to identify it in organizations, and most importantly how to evaluate and assess for ambidexterity in the talent and sourcing pipeline as part of HR and business strategy implementation. 

1) Define and understand the concept of strategic ambidexterity and why it is critical to HR
2) Identify ambidexterity failures through sample cases to well-known companies and also to their organizations
3) Assess their talent pipeline in ambidexterity preparedness and specific to their current job analysis process, sourcing and interview assessments
4) Provide alternative perspectives and forms of evaluation to measure for ambidexterity challenges and opportunity identification in their organizations that can help with retention and organizational performance

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Nicole C. Jackson, PhD, is an associate professor in the Department of Management at Menlo College and founder of the I4XLearning program that is dedicated toward teaching organizations how to be both compliant and agile in the Digital Transformation Economy. Her research and practitioner work examines the issue of organizational and leadership ambidexterity, the need to balance exploitation of competencies with the need for innovation, in for-profit and in public administrative settings. Her recent work examines this issue in the context of organizational change, leadership, and specific to the redesign of human resource management practices and as a form of individual and organizational learning. She has taught extensively on this topic in relation to HR practice at previous institutions including at U.C. Berkeley Extension's HR Certificate program and in the MSHRM program  at the University of Connecticut. 


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