June 10 - Compliance is Not Enough: Respect & Value Workplace Diversity (HR Virtual Round Table)

12:30 - 2:00 p.m. PT
HR Virtual Round Table

Legal compliance alone is never enough as it is not founded on honesty, transparency, equity or respect. Real compliance is about discipline, unpacking stereotypes and labels, and addressing your unconscious bias and old habits of thinking. Learn how to encourage your team to recognize and value each other's diversity to achieve your shared goals and improve workplace culture.

• The Turning Point of Change from Old to New
• The depleting impact of Labeling team members
• The enhancing impact of Intimacy w/o Power or Sex
• The Personal/Interpersonal/Organizational/Systemic benefit of Diversity

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Lewis grew up with all the trappings of white privilege, but felt called to work and serve in the field of diversity consciousness after having had a near-death experience and coming back to “do the work I was meant to do in this lifetime.” So instead of rising through the ranks of industry or politics, Lewis chose to dedicate his professional life to “teaching straight white men like myself who don’t get it how to get it.”

Diversity consciousness in the workplace, in the home, in the community, and in society as a whole is not about compliance or tolerance. It is about deeply and authentically valuing each and every person as a critical part of the whole. Just as cell differentiation makes organic life possible, and different mechanical parts make a machine operational, so do different people and perspectives make organizations more effective and more dynamic than they can ever be without such diversity.

Lewis trains, coaches, and speaks on the subject of diversity and inclusion after spending thirty seven years in this field and after over 6000 corporations, academic institutions and government agencies have utilized his training products and services to bring increased effectiveness to individuals, teams, and organizations as a whole. His most powerful contribution today is working with clients interpersonally and face-to-face in group or individual settings.

Lewis in 1982 co-founded Griggs Productions, which resulted in 23 award-winning videos and guides in four series: (Going International, Valuing Diversity, Valuing Relationship, and Human Energy at Work), an interactive internet/intranet e-learning program (The Potential is Yours), two books (Going International and Valuing Diversity), other printed training products and training services, many national and local television and radio appearances, and frequent conferences and speaking engagements on the essential concepts of Maximizing our Personal, Interpersonal, and Organizational Potential by Valuing our Human Diversity. For this work Lewis has received the “Pioneer in Diversity Award” and was formally recognized as “A Legend in Diversity”.

Born and raised in Minneapolis/St. Paul, Lewis earned both an Amherst BA in Political Science in 1970 and a Stanford MBA in Entrepreneurial Management in 1980. In 2012 Lewis became a Certified Professional Co-Active Leadership Coach, and for decades he has also been teaching and facilitating spiritual groups after having recovered from two near death experiences (TEDx: “The Gift of Near Death”).

Lewis lives in the San Francisco Bay area with his family, where he enjoys tennis, hiking, and watching Oscar nominated movies.
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