• SHRM CEO Testifies in California on Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

    On Jan. 24, SHRM President and CEO Officer Johnny C. Taylor, Jr., SHRM-SCP, testified in Sacramento before the California Joint Subcommittee on Sexual Harassment Prevention and Response at a hearing titled "Best Practices for Culture Change on Sexual Harassment."
  • SHRM Congratulates New California Micro-Credential Recipients

    SHRM would like to congratulate the recent recipients of SHRM’s first Micro-Credential who have cemented their credibility as HR professionals by earning the SHRM California Employment Law Micro-Credential. Earning this credential is demonstration of an HR professional’s in-depth competence and expertise in navigation of the complex and unique legislative landscape in California business today.

    • Andy Covell, SHRM-SCP;
    • Beverly Dance, SHRM-SCP;
    • Brenda Ortega, SHRM-CP;
    • Chery Cerise, SHRM-CP, MBA;
    • Erin Patton, SHRM-SCP;
    • Jag Soni, SHRM-SCP, PCC, Ph.D.;
    • Jennifer Ortega Uribe, SHRM-CP;
    • Jon Decoteau, SHRM-SCP;
    • Julie Worley, SHRM-CP;
    • Karen Burke, SHRM-CP;
    • Keri Sowerby, SHRM-SCP;
    • Linda Magyar, SHRM-SCP;
    • Lisa Nagle-Piazza, SHRM-SCP, J.D.;
    • Michael Garcia, SHRM-CP;
    • Michael Letizia, SHRM-SCP;
    • Monty Montgomery, SHRM-CP;
    • Robert Handel, SHRM-SCP;
    • Robert Hite, SHRM-SCP;
    • Trisha Zulic, SHRM-SCP;
    • William Brass, MBA, SHRM-SCP;
    • Yvette Lee, SHRM-SCP